IT and programming Courses

Course Duration:         1 month

Lesson Duration:          90 min

Number of Students
per group:                      up to 10


09:00-10:30 | 10:35-12:05
12:10-13:40 | 13:45:15:15
15:20-16:50 | 16:55-18:25
MBO Professional offers you IT Courses for complete beginners (you will study the basic computer applications such as MS Word, Excel, and Power Point), on the next level our team will teach you everything you need to know about CorelDraw and Photoshop, also we provide you with a more advanced course on Web-design. Each course lasts 1 month.

We live in an era of computer technology. Every day millions of people use all sorts of desktop apps, that is why IT courses for beginners are so popular. The effectiveness and quality of your work as a whole depend on how efficiently you are able to use the very basic computer applications.

By the end of our IT courses for beginners, you will be able to:

  • Use Windows OS effectively.
  • Use the wide range of features in MS Word
  • Create dynamic charts and tables in Excel, use formulas and functions to perform calculations on data.
  • Use e-mail, search the Web for all the information you need.
  • Use the extensive features of Power Point.


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