German courses

Course duration         3-3.5 months

Children's group         from 8 to 14 years

Adult group                   of 15 and more

Lesson duration:          90 min

Students in a group   from 13


09:00-10:30 | 10:35-12:05
12:10-13:40 | 13:45:15:15
15:20-16:50 | 16:55-18:25

The teachers of our center have many effective teaching techniques and will help you learn German, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Our intensive German courses offer a high level of proficiency in the shortest possible time.

Our levels:

Grungstufe – beginner level German

A1Ability to express elementary, everyday words and phrases. The ability to introduce yourself and other people and ask people questions about their personality. For example: “Where do you live”, “What other people do you know”, “What hobbies do you have”, etc. Also the ability to answer these questions. The ability to conduct a simple conversation, provided that the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly, and is ready to help in case of difficulty in understanding or

A2 (basic level of knowledge of the German language)

At this level of the German language, you can already participate in conversational situations, understand not complicated conversations. As well as the amount of information that you can transmit in German will also grow. You can tell the other person something about yourself, your family, country, etc.

Mittelstufe – Intermediate German

B1 (relatively good level of German)

This is already a fairly serious level of the German language, at which you can already exchange not only a standard set of phrases, but also formulate your thoughts, ideas, dreams in a more complex way. Such a self is almost “solid 4”. You can already think about participating in quite serious training programs in Germany.

B2 (level of good knowledge of the German language)

Here is already “hard 4” and at the end of this course of the German language you will be able to speak spontaneously what is called if you are woken up in the middle of the night. This is a completely self-sufficient level of knowledge of the German language, in which you can conduct serious conversations. You can already take an exam for a profession in German-speaking countries.

Oberstufe – the highest level of German

C1 (already a very good level of knowledge of German)

Proficiency in German at this level will allow you to communicate with native speakers without any problems, and also use German not only in everyday life, but also at a high professional level. You can safely participate in reputable programs to get work in Germany.

C2 (excellent knowledge of the German language)

This is the level of knowledge of the German language compare to its native speakers. That is, even native German speakers will be hard to hear your accent, and for this you will be happy to treat you with beer. There is no need to speak about the opportunities that this level of the German language provides, because here everything is clear – such specialists are always in great demand.


Prices for courses in our educational centers * (prices are per month)

149 som.


9:00 - 10:30

149 som.


10:35 - 12:05

97 som.


12:10 - 13:40

179 som.


13:45 - 15:15

* Prices at head office:


15:20 to 16:50 197 p. textbooks- free
16:55 to 18:25 179 s. textbooks – free
18:30 to 20:00 149 s. textbooks- fre

Semi-intensive courses

349 somoni

Intensive courses

379 somoni

Intensive courses are lessons every day from Monday to Saturday (6 times a week) for two hours.

Regular courses and semi-intensive courses take place three times a week.

According to the rules of the Education Center, for the English language course, payment is made for each month, and for courses in Russian, German, Tajik, French, Chinese and Korean, payment is made at least two months before the introductory lesson.






(*только для новых слушателей)